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My Go To South Beach Diet Finds From Target

Those that don't know what the South Beach Diet is, I am currently in phase one. Phase one is the first 14 days of the diet (lifestyle) in which you take sugar and carbs completely out of your diet. This means no bread, ice cream, or even fruit. Before you decide that it sounds like hell, let me plea that it's only 14 days. I am on day nine and I can honestly say I do not crave sugar anymore! The first week was tough, but this week has been significantly easier. The first week, I would find myself on Pinterest day dreaming about recipes that require a lot of sugar and chocolate.


. I think we used this past year as a betrothed couple (side note: great word) to really plan out our future together. When do we want to have kids? Eventually. Maybe we didn't need a whole year to decide on that, but it was a big moment for us to decide they will be here eventually.  We are thinking at least five years down the road. When will we buy a house? Eventually. This we don't have a year mark on, but considering the kid might need one, we will go with in the next five years as well.