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The Best and Easiest Cast Iron Skillet Steaks

David and I's one year anniversary of being engaged is approaching, so we wanted to treat ourselves with a steak dinner! I grabbed all the goods at Trader Joes, and then got home to cook the best skillet steaks I've ever had!! It helped that we used our new cast iron skillet we received as a wedding gift! I LOVE THIS SKILLET. I would marry this skillet if I wasn't already engaged, and honestly, if this skillet somehow made it to my wedding and yelled 'I OBJECT' at the right time, I may consider running off in the sunset with this red glorious masterpiece. IT'S THAT GOOD OF A SKILLET YOU GUYS! 


. I think we used this past year as a betrothed couple (side note: great word) to really plan out our future together. When do we want to have kids? Eventually. Maybe we didn't need a whole year to decide on that, but it was a big moment for us to decide they will be here eventually.  We are thinking at least five years down the road. When will we buy a house? Eventually. This we don't have a year mark on, but considering the kid might need one, we will go with in the next five years as well.