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10.20.18 Our Wedding

10.20.18 Our Wedding

I wanted to share some pictures with you all from David and I’s wedding. We married in Houston, Texas at my family’s restaurant, Clay’s! Clay's is a burger and chicken fried steak joint that has been around for 35 years. Throughout the years, Clay's has grown into a three building complex themed out for events of all kind. It has a saloon, a chapel, a main dining hall, a lodge, and a ghost town backdrop! We proudly utilized the whole space in different ways for our wedding. 

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4540_ (1).jpg

We turned "The Lodge" into the most dreamiest bridal suite a gal could ever ask for.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4544_ (2).jpg

We took out most of the tables and chairs usually inside for children's birthday parties, and added some bridal suite extras: Two parlor chairs my dad got at a salon equipment auction, along with a full length tri-fold mirror.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4663_.jpg

We rented vintage furniture from Oliver and Penelope rentals to tie up the look and vibe perfectly.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4653_ (1).jpg

My dress was a coupling of two designs from Mirela Lorgoni Designs. 

I loved the top of one of her dresses and the bottom of another. 

We morphed it into my dream dress! The sleeves were my favorite part and made me feel like a fairy tale creature.

The train was made of layers of different fabric, the top being embellished with little stars. The layer under it, was with tiny little polka dots.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4723_.jpg

My bride tribe wore dresses of different shades of dusty blue. I wanted them to pick a dress and style they wanted to wear. They all looked so beautiful. 

I had my veil made from extra fabric of the second layer so my veil could be full polka dots! I bought my head piece from a shop on Etsy called "What Katy Did Next".

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5075_ (2).jpg

I added a pop of color with my Bella Vita velvet burgundy shoes. I just loved the art work on the soles! 

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4599_ (1).jpg

My bouquet was everything I dreamed of and more! It was put together by ‘The Nature Of Things’, a floral company based in Riverside, California. They flew to Houston for the wedding! How lucky were we??

David wore a custom suit from Men’s Warehouse paired with a burgundy polka dot tie. He had no idea I was wearing polka dots as well! What are the chances?

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4970_ (2).jpg

The guys wore navy suits with burgundy ties.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4997_ (2).jpg

All wore brown shoes and argyle socks. 

Our inspiration for our wedding was based on one of my husband's favorite Coheed and Cambria song's "From Here To Mars". In the song he talks about how their love is written in the stars. We carried that theme throughout our wedding with stars placed on my dress, along with stars hanging on the back drop of our sweetheart table. I also surprised David with wooden cuff links that say the lyrics "It's In The Stars" on one and "From Here To Mars" on the other.

Gina Schild Photography D96P6300_ (1).jpg

Our ceremony was located outside along the ghost town back drop facing the wooden chapel.

Getting married under the chapel at Clay's was the best of both worlds for David and I. We could marry at a 'church' but in a breezy way. 

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4896_ (2).jpg

Instead of a ‘First Look’, we wanted to keep it traditional by not seeing each other until the ceremony, so we did a ‘First Touch’.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4905_ (1).jpg

David made sure he didn’t see me before the wedding.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4797_ (1).jpg

I might be biased, but we had the best flower girl ever.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R4601_ (1).jpg

Trinity’s pretty basket.

I just loved my bouquet so much. I bought the ribbons on Etsy in hope that they would be used in the wedding in some way. I was so happy the florists found a way to incorporate them!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6333_ (2).jpg

We upgraded Linkin from ring bearer to head of RING SECURITY.

Gina Schild Photography D96P6348_ (1).jpg

He took his job very seriously.

Gina Schild Photography D96P6399_ (1).jpg

As guests were seated, they were greeted with a spirit of their choice. Our programs were newspapers that said "David and Shannon Are Getting Married Today". Since I am a writer and blogger, I had a freaking blast writing out little tidbits for the program. There was a crossword puzzle, a segment dedicated to weird facts about us, and a blurb about our beloved dog, Butters, who stayed in California due to his fear of flying. 

I just loved this folksy sign I found on Etsy. I felt it went well with the vibe our wedding was going for.

I was on the hunt for awhile for the perfect backdrop for our wedding. I found this to be perfect for us. I bought this from The Knot online shop. We rented the arch from Oliver and Penelope vintage rentals. Look! The gorgeous floral and ribbons made another awesome appearance.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5078_ (2).jpg

David and I surprised our moms with personalized handkerchiefs from us. This is a picture of me giving one to David’s mother on behalf of him. Her response was so special.

It truly meant a lot to me to give this to my mother.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5167_ (1).jpg

Our wedding party walked out to a medley of ‘Soul Meets Body’ and ‘Rainbow Connection’ recorded on strings. Our amazing DJ played various songs we had previously chose from for the guests as they arrived.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5191_ (2).jpg

Our beautiful flower girl and ring security walked out to ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ recorded on strings.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5217_ (1).jpg

My father and I walked out to ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ recorded on strings. It was a moment I will always remember.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5228_ (1).jpg

Look at that sweet face!

My dad was styling in a custom shark skin suit from Men’s Warehouse.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5252_.jpg

My favorite memory is seeing David's face at the end of the aisle. I still get butterflies thinking about it. I thought I knew what joy was, until I married David. Now I see it's on a whole new field! It's such an amazing feeling!

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5282_.jpg

We wrote our own vows. It was a really special moment for us.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5314_.jpg

Sand ceremony.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5307_ (2).jpg

We supplied the kiddos attending with personalized coloring books. This ended up being a huge hit!

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5326_ (1).jpg

During our ceremony, we had friends read our favorite quotes about the topic 'soulmates'. We ended the ceremony with a reading of Mr. Roger's "I like you" read by my husbands friend, Ryan. His words really captured our vibe we wanted to put out for our wedding. 

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5328_ (2).jpg

Officially Mr. and Mrs. Snow!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6359_.jpg

After the ceremony, the guests walked over to "The Saloon" for cocktails, shots, and beer. We also had a grazing table laid out on a piece of wood on top of two whisky barrels. One of the main things David and I wanted at our wedding was cheese. I'm not kidding. I was so happy that the grazing table had all the cheese I could dream of! 

Gina Schild Photography D96P6369_ (2).jpg

We served shots of the guests choice in personalized shot glasses!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6371_ (2).jpg

I found these coasters on Etsy and just had to get them!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6354_ (2).jpg

Had to do another pic of the grazing table. CHEESE!

After cocktail hour, we joined the guests inside the main dining hall for dinner.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5395_.jpg

We served buffet style inside the side room "The Sunroom" (nicknamed that because of all the windows) for guests to grab whatever they wanted.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5367_ (2).jpg

We had a prime rib carving station, mashed potato bar, veggies, and a salad station inside a vintage feeding trough bought at a local antique shop.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5347_ (4).jpg

I didn't want to put table cloths on them because I wanted to add to the rustic eclectic flair. We had dusty blue cheese cloths as table runners, and geometric terrariums filled with flowers for centerpieces. Guests drank from multi colored vintage goblets we rented from Oliver and Penelope rentals.

Gina Schild Photography AW8R5360_.jpg

Guess where I found these plates? ETSY! How’d you know? ;)

Gina Schild Photography D96P6793_ (2).jpg

Us entering the reception!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6811_ (2).jpg

I just love him.

Our first dance was a cover of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley covered by Hannah Trigwell.

Gina Schild Photography D96P6686_ (2).jpg

I was a sucker for these cute signs!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6677_ (2).jpg

I can’t wait to put this up on our wall!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6680_ (2).jpg

This one too!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6983_ (2).jpg

One of my BFF’s, Jessica, drew this gorgeous portrait of David and I. I really can’t believe what a sweet gift this was. I was completely taken away!

The dance with my father I will never forget!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6886_ (1).jpg

The very beautiful dance David did with his sweet mother.

Gina Schild Photography D96P6944_ (1).jpg

The band, Commercial Art, had us dancing all night long!

Gina Schild Photography D96P6977_ (2).jpg

I had a dream of an asymmetrical cake that leaned to one side. Cakes by Gina delivered hardcore with the coolest cake I ever darn dreamed of.

Each layer was a different flavor, with the bottom flavor being 'Butterbeer' as my sly wink to my nerd-ism. It was so delicious.

Gina Schild Photography D96P6560_ (1).jpg

Love this bunch so much.

Gina Schild Photography D96P6986_ (1).jpg

We had a photo camper for guests to take quick snapshots in! Complete with props!

Gina Schild Photography D96P7165_ (1).jpg

David and I met almost 5 years ago in Burbank, California while both working at in the office of a comedy club. What attracted me to David is his gentle soul and hilarious wit. We live in California, but decided to get married at Clay's because the restaurant means a lot to both of us.

Gina Schild Photography D96P7015_ (2).jpg

We knew we could have fun planning our wedding in Houston and we truly did.

Gina Schild Photography D96P6999_ (2).jpg

David proposed to me a year prior to our wedding on Hollywood Boulevard right before we saw "Hamilton". I don't remember much from the show because all I could think was 'we are getting married!!!'

Gina Schild Photography D96P7001_ (2).jpg

My advice for brides planning now is cliche but I'm telling you it's the truth: Try to soak it up as much as you can because the day goes by SO FAST. Find a corner of a room for just a moment and just soak it all up. You spent so long planning, so make sure you get a piece of cake. 

Gina Schild Photography D96P7217_ (1).jpg

Lastly, when David and I first got engaged, Clay's (our venue) had just been hit by Hurricane Harvey. It needed many repairs and I was hesitant to commit to Clay's because I didn't want to put too much pressure on my dad getting it ready for the wedding. In the past year, my father restored Clay's to not only what it was before, but even better. He even added astro-turf to the field! Having our wedding in Houston meant so much to me and it meant the world both David and I to have it at Clay's.

That’s all for today! It was the best day ever!

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