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My Highly Recommended Day In Bed

My Highly Recommended Day In Bed

Okay, first off my honesty is getting the best of me and I have to admit this is not my bed in the header picture ^ ^ ^

It is me though! This is a picture from our honeymoon in Costa Rica a few months ago, but it’s the only pic I had of me on a bed. Just go with me on that.

Anyways, back to my day in bed today.

It was awesome. If you read yesterdays post, you know I had a tough one. I cried a lot for really nothing. Anxiety can do that to you, I guess. Anyways, today was much better. I stayed in bed ALL day.

Should I have? I think so.

It was pure heaven. I woke up around 8:30 am and turned on Netflix. I watched three animated children’s films before noon.

IMG_4894 (1).jpg

I cuddled with my dog. And he’s a cuddly lil guy. And this is my real bed. It’s not a four poster bed, and isn’t located in the rain forest, but it will do.


I made nachos. At first, I REALLY wanted to Postmate some nachos to my apartment from Sharky’s , but I refrained. I remember my MAD, and thought ‘HEY! Make nachos, chick!’

And they were SO good. I know they might be missing beans and veggies, but HEY they have a ton of cheese and a perfectly grilled chicken breast shredded for my nachos. I was really living my best life today.


I took this very blurry pic. You know when you get something on your front camera on your phone, and then you try to clean it, but it just makes it worse? I worked with it any way. And honestly, it gave me a cool filter look they put on older anchor ladies when they are taping their ABC special interview. I call this ‘Barbara Walters’.


I did some more cuddling with Butters. He likes to stand on me. I’m okay with it.

IMG_4865 (1).JPG

Okay, I ended up Postmate-ing Ben and Jerrys. I have a problem with Postmates. I work for Postmates too, so basically I just spend the money I make, but still. Huge problem. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Oh Yeah. I Forgot I Lived In California

Oh Yeah. I Forgot I Lived In California