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Days 8-14: Lesson Learned

Days 8-14: Lesson Learned

HELLO! This week was a pretty busy one with a lot of different sleeping schedules. I haven’t been able to update my daily health journey, but thankfully I have been keeping track on my phone! Let’s start on day 8, last Tuesday!

I started my Tuesday by stopping at TJ’s for some weekly groceries. I wanted to find healthy items that didn’t break the bank and I must say I achieved that. FINALLY! I started my day with a 100 calorie granola bar.

Later, I made myself a turkey sandwich on double fiber bread. I filled it with deli turkey, Dijon mustard, swiss cheese, arugula, and tomatoes!

After my workout, I snack on some cantaloupe. FAVORITE FRUIT ALWAYS!

This picture was taken when I still adorably thought I would be able to contain myself with portions on chocolate. How cute of me.

Later, I ate a bowl of Neapolitan cereal. It didn’t taste as good as this picture looks.

For dinner, I had a scallion pancake with sweet chili sauce. I wish I could say I came up with this combo, but I found this at a sample station at TJ’s and I jut had to get it. SO GOOD!


I ended the night watching ‘This Is Us’ and losing myself control on the rest of the chocolate truffles. What was I thinking getting these at the store? Lesson learned. No more truffles for me.


On Wednesday, I woke up insanely early for a call time across town. I was not used to having to wake up this early and broke my intermittent fasting schedule on this sinful egg mcmuffin. Also, if you are wondering why my photography skills got hella better so fast, it’s because I did not take this picture. I found it on google as a stock photo because I was too guilty at the time to take a picture of my actual breakfast.

I was asked by my cousin to be a part of his short film he is directing for his class at LA Film School. This was so much fun to shoot! The school has a sound stage with a house set complete with every room you would need. This is the living room, but we did a lot of scenes in the kitchen as well.


For lunch, David and I had ‘Bibibop’ which is basically Chipolte but for Asian cuisine. It was really good and super fun to put my own bowl together! I did a spicy chicken bowl with gluten free noodles. kale, beansprouts, pickled cabbage, Parmesan, and ginger sauce to toss in. I drank an Arnold Palmer with it. Pretty good stuff!

For dinner, I just ate an ABC bar and called it a night. I was so exhausted and went to bed around 8:30 pm.

On Thursday, I started my morning with yet another bad breakfast idea, but this time doubling down with a Jack in The Box supreme croissant sandwich with a lemonade. This was way too many calories and I really shouldn’t have. My next health goal is going to be to train myself to not think I need ‘SUPER GREASY BREAKFAST’ to give me energy when I’m sleepy.

For lunch, David and I went to 800 Degrees, a pizza place across the street. I had the most amazing burrata plate! I had never tried burrata before, but I get the hype now. It was truly amazing.

After we wrapped for the day, David and I rushed over to the Staples Center to see our first Lakers game! They were playing the Rockets, so I had to rep my hometown!

For dinner, I had a caesar salad at a pizza place near the stadium. This salad tasted as good as you would think it would. I also fell pretty hard trying to get out of the booth and the whole restaurant stared at me as I limped out. Good times!

I uncharacteristically had three beers during the game! I wanted to let loose and also my ankle was hurting pretty bad because of the fall.


I have to use another stock photo because by the time I ordered this at the stadium, my phone died. David and I shared this, but I most likely ate the majority. It was good. Oops.


The next morning, I had to rush to my last early call time and I was starving. I went and got my last greasy and stupid breakfast for the week. Consider it my last hurrah.

For lunch, I went back to 800 degrees for this amazing burrata plate. I’M OBSESSED.

I was craving sweets like a mofo, caved and bought this. So dumb but so good. Another last hurrah.

Right before I got home, I went back and grabbed this dumb treat for myself because I clearly really spiked my blood sugar that day.


For dinner, I had a PB and J because … SURE.

Saturday morning, I was able to sleep in a little more. This helped me remember my goals and I reset for the new day. I started with nutella toast with banana slices on top!

Later after my workout, I made myself some avocado toast! I like to put a little grape seed oil on top and red pepper flakes to add a little zing.

For dinner, I ate too many of these cornbread crisps. SO GOOD! I paired it with a mini brie bite. I love those so much.

Sunday morning, I cut my breakfast in half by eating only one toast with nutella. I ate the rest of my banana that didn’t fit on my toast on the side.


I have been trying all the LA fitness locations in my area, and I think I found the one I like the best! Not only does it have a great place for mirror selfies, but it also has a rowing machine, so I’m down.

After my workout, I went home to make myself a turkey wrap on lavash bread. I put hummus on the lavash and then topped it with turkey, tomatoes, feta, and arugula before rolling it all together. Perfect lunch!

Between meals, I had a 100 calorie granola bar and a peppermint tea. I love tea.

For dinner, I had a scallion pancake with sweet chili sauce! Name a better combo. I dare you!

This morning, I made myself another nutella toast with banana slices. One day I will have the mind to take a picture before I take a bite of my toast, but it’s not today.

On my way to the gym, I snack on an ABC bar. These are always good to keep me full and keep my chocolate cravings at bay.


I know this picture is so gross, but I was proud of how hard I worked out today. I downloaded the ‘SWEAT’ app and HOLY MOLY! It really gives you a great workout. I’m already sore as heck as I type.

For lunch, I met up David at Chilis for lunch. I just love their chicken enchilada soup. I started with a cup of it.

I then finished my lunch with a half turkey club. I subbed out the french fries for a corn on the cob. Chili’s makes the best corn. I don’t know why they do, but they do.

That completes my week and now I am up to date! I know I didn’t do my best, but it was a learning week for me. My biggest vice is when I’m busy because I tend to get more lackadaisical with my eating, but I learned my lesson. I am leaving for the airport in a few hours to fly to Houston! I’m going to miss David and Butters SO MUCH, but it’s a quick trip. I’ll make sure to keep track of everything I eat while I’m there. Houston has the best food, but I am going to be really good this time.

I might get a kolache.

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