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Day 7: Sometimes You Just Want To Eat The Same Things (Over and Over)

Day 7: Sometimes You Just Want To Eat The Same Things (Over and Over)

Today I only really craved three things: English muffins, ONE protein bars, and egg white fritatas!

I knew I wouldn’t hit my caloric intake if I only ate three things so I just repeated these in rotation until I met my 1500 calorie goal! Here was my day:


I started my morning with an english muffin topped with almond butter and strawberry jam. This was a breezy 250 calories!

A little later, I had two egg white fritatas. they were 70 calories each and full of veggies!


For “lunch”, I had another engish muffin. However, this time I opted to make mini pepperoni pizzas! It was the perfect indulging lunch without the millions of calories. This was 410 calories!


For a snack, I love these pop corner chips! You can have 20 for 100 calories! Perfect for me!

Fritata part 2! I just love these! They heat up perfectly and it’s so low calorie!

Later, David and I took Butters to our favorite park! I hopped in his car and he surprised me with my favorite protein bar! Peanut Butter Cup!! It’s so sinful but I love it!! and 210 calories! I love me some fiber so I love that this bar holds 10 grams of it along with 20 grams of protein.

He’s the cutest, goofiest, and sweetest husband around. Butter’s absolutely loves the park! I swear he ran around this tree 20 times.

For dinner, I had 4 microwavable taquitos. They were okay. I need to stop buying these at the grocery store because I always eats these only when I don’t have anything else. This was 200 calories. Maybe not worth the calories.

My snack during the BACHELOR is another ONE bar!! Maple donuts is a new flavor for me and it was AMAZING!!

Okay now back to The Bachelor!! Who are you rooting for?


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