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Day 3 and 4: Valentines and The Aftermath

Day 3 and 4: Valentines and The Aftermath

Well well. Here we are again. I’ll get straight to it today because I have not one, but TWO days to recap.

Let’s start with Valentines day!

David and I had planned to head to Catalina Island for a day trip, but the storm had other plans. We drove all the way to Long Beach for our ferry, but was told the ferry might not run, so we rescheduled. Instead, we were on the coast, during the storm with a lot of time on our hands! We decided to check out a little breakfast bar nearby to start our day!

I ordered their super yummy almond milk oatmeal with berries and slivered almonds on top. I had a feeling I would be eating a lot that day so I tried to start more health conscious than I would end my day being.

I saw a lot of cocktails on other tables so I was peer pressured to join in. I ordered their watermelon hard lemonade. It was dangerously good. I counter acted it with a cup of joe.

Next, we went to this taco bar next door because I was thinking I wanted a margarita, but ended up drinking this strange drink instead. It was called the ‘Scooby Snack’ and I honestly have no idea why. The whipped cream was good with it though!

We decided to head back to our side of the town. and that ended up being an almost two hour drive back due to the rain. Thankfully, I had this box of candy to tide me over.


A little later, we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings for valentines dinner! It was great! We both order the small order of traditional wings and shared some buffalo chips.


Basically I didn’t eat healthy on valentines day, but I had fun.

This morning I woke up still full from yesterday. I swear. I didn’t even kind of think of food until 3pm. I started my morning with a nice hot tea.

Once I got out to do some postmating, I snagged myself a grande Americana with cream and splenda. I still wasn’t even thinking about food. Couldn’t do it. I felt like a thanksgiving day balloon this morning for real.

After work, I stopped at Trader Joe’s for a few things to make lunch. I had never seen these crackers before so I had to grab them. They are so good!

My first meal was one of those crackers and a mini brie bite (AMAZING COMBO)! I paired it with my fave fruit, cantaloupe.

A little later, I had two slices of cauliflower crust pizza I made the other day. Still good.


Later I tried to make myself a little snack, but I will be honest, my dog ate most of this. I can’t blame him. This must be the most delicious looking plate ever to a pup. It was my fault making it.

Other than that, I’m done eating for the day. My stomach is still sick from the day before, so I’m calling it a day. I’m sure I’ll be hungry tomorrow, but for right now, I am happily snuggled in my bed and still recovering from the epic vday the day before. I hope you all had a great one as well!

Till next time!


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