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Day 2: I'll Leave The Smoothie Bowls To The Pros

Day 2: I'll Leave The Smoothie Bowls To The Pros

Look at me keeping to my promise to myself! I’m on day two of logging in everything I ate publicly! Woo hoo!

I have pictures for everything except for one item. I didn’t take a picture of that one because I wasn’t as proud, but that wasn’t the rule! The rule to myself was to log EVERYTHING until I hit my goal weight, so that’s what I’m going to do. Maybe after I’m sick of having to fess up to the bad foods, I will stop eating them.

Okay! On to day two!


I started my day a little later than the day before. I woke up around 10:30am. By the time I was ready to leave to run errands, it was already almost noon. I usually grab myself a regular coffee with cream and splenda, but I went ahead and grabbed decaf since it was already lunch time.


When I got back home , I made myself a seared salmon seasoned with TJ’s Unami seasoning. I tossed a whole bag of spinach in the pan and this is what it looked like after it cooked. It’s almost criminal how little spinach turns into after you cook it!

This is my sad attempt of an Acai Bowl. I tried, so you gotta give me that. I don’t recommend what I did, but it at least kept me full until dinner time.


For dinner, I made broccolini tossed in grape seed oil and pepper jack topped chicken breast. I put pepito salsa between the chicken and the cheese to make it even better. SO GOOD! The profile picture of this post shows tiny little edible flowers that grew out of the broccolini. I was afraid for a moment I wasn’t able to eat it, but I totally could and totally did!

OKAY CONFESSION TIME. Now I have to tell you the item I ate that is not pictured: I ate a pizza.

I made a cauliflower crust so at least it wasn’t bread, but it still was definitely a splurge. I was craving it!

Anyways, regardless I am proud of myself because I’m logging it all.

Till Next Time!


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