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Day One Of My New Routine

Day One Of My New Routine

I have been telling myself for awhile now I am going to log exactly what I eat each day, so I hold myself accountable, but today is the day I truly start keeping my promise.

I was recently watching ‘Made For More’ by motivational speaker, Rachel Hollis. She said something that really resonated with me. ‘WHAT IF I keep my promise to myself?’

It’s so simple, but it spoke volumes. What if? What would happen if I didn’t give up? What would happen if I kept going? What if?

So that being said: I have a pretty boring post for ya. I’m going to log what I eat everyday until I reach my goal! EVERY DAY. Some days might be harder than others, but I’m going to keep my promise to myself. Every Day.

It may seem boring at first (and probably the whole time) but I can’t wait to look back on my journey a year from now with pride. Alright. On to my boring post!!

I woke up pretty early today around 6:15 am to start some work stuff. After I was done around 8 am, I had a cup of my digestive aid tea (I know eww but it’s great)


Plus, I love the little motivational tea quotes! This one was okay. I’ve had better tea advice.


Around 9 am, I went on a leisure 1.5 mile walk at my favorite park in Porter Ranch! It has a such a great vibe! This particular morning, I was the only lady there without a stroller! Fun times!

I mean, look at that view!! So stunning!

From 10 am- 2:30 pm, I logged in to my Postmate app and did some deliveries. If you don’t know what Postmates is, basically it’s a delivery job but for all the restaurants in the area. It’s so fun! I never know where I’m going. I’m like Dora The Explorer!


I came home after to make lunch because I was SO HUNGRY! I cooked up a filet of salmon I seasoned with TJ’s ‘Everything But The Bagel’ seasoning and TJ’s Unami seasoning. I placed it on a bed of arugula that I tossed in TJ’s ‘Green Goddess’ salad dressing. It was so good!


For dinner, I cooked up a turkey burger patty topped with pepper jack cheese and arugula.


For my last meal, I made myself an Acai smoothie with a cup of almond milk, a table spoon of almond butter, 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder, and two scoops of protein powder. It really hits the spot! I feel like I’m drinking a really decadent milkshake, but I am not.

Alas, I am exhausted. It is now 8:30pm and I am ready for bed! I’m going to finish the last few chapters of this book and then hopefully nod off to sleep! Goodnight!

Day 2: I'll Leave The Smoothie Bowls To The Pros

Day 2: I'll Leave The Smoothie Bowls To The Pros

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting