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My Go To South Beach Diet Finds From Target

My Go To South Beach Diet Finds From Target

Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well. Mine is pretty great! I officially have lost 8 pounds since starting the South Beach Diet last Monday, so I'm on my way to get to my goal weight for the wedding! With David and I's wedding coming up IN 45 DAYS, I have been really trying to get to 'my best for the dress'! I know a lot of fad diets have come and gone, but the South Beach Diet has always been my best friend. When I was at my heaviest at the age of 19, I lost 30 pounds in the first month doing the South Beach Diet! Since then, I've always come back to it when my sweet tooth got out of control to reel myself back. This is one of those times multiplied by ten. Yes, I am using this to get to my dream wedding weight. Then, I will use this as my rule book for my new lifestyle. I know we've all heard someone say 'It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle', but it's honestly true. Since it is a lifestyle choice, it's always good to find the most affordable way to keep to it! Believe it or not, Target has proved to me a pretty good place to get groceries! Those that don't know what the South Beach Diet is, I am currently in phase one. Phase one is the first 14 days of the diet (lifestyle) in which you take sugar and carbs completely out of your diet. This means no bread, ice cream, or even fruit. Before you decide that it sounds like hell, let me plea that it's only 14 days. I am on day nine and I can honestly say I do not crave sugar anymore! The first week was tough, but this week has been significantly easier. The first week, I would find myself on Pinterest day dreaming about recipes that require a lot of sugar and chocolate. However, today I woke up craving turkey sausage and tomatoes. Mission accomplished! The best  tip that I can give you during phase one is to make sure you have snacks ready and available! I was explaining the diet to a friend earlier and she said 'so basically you can only eat meat and cheese' and I was so happy to tell her that it's way more than that! I've been eating so many different things and I'm never bored! I thought I would share with you guys my favorite South Beach Diet finds at Target. Here they are! 



Almonds Are Your Friend. 

Consider almonds the friend you don't have to see every day, but you feel good when you do. Eat almonds in moderation but definitely put these in your cart if you are planning to be on phase one. These are my perfect thing to grab when I'm getting hungry. This bag was under 7 dollars. That's a pretty good find!  


This Is The Best Secret Ever. 

Sugar free jello packets are the best diet friendly treat I can think of! There is so much you can do with it! I like to mix it with my plain yogurt and it taste like MAGIC. It also kinda tastes like trix yogurt (remember those?) SO GOOD. 


This Will Be Your Low Calorie Dessert Staple. 

You can make sugar free mouses with this! I like to mix the sugar free jello packet from above with whipping cream in my Kitchen Aid until it's a fluffy dream of sugar free strawberry mouse. It's so simple, yet so good. 


Always Grab A Few Prepacked Snacks. 

I love this brand! With each pack ($2.59), you get a hard boiled egg, a handful of nuts, and a handful of cheese. What more could I ever ask for? 


These are simply AMAZING.

Prosciutto wrapped around delicious mozzarella is the most decadent diet food that exists. The best part? Each pack is $3.99!


Cottage Cheese IS GOOD. 

I know some people wince when they hear 'cottage cheese' and I was one of those people. I now love it! Some still sucks, but something about this brand yall! I always grab the individual cups and I love to eat this between meals. 


Hard Boil Your Own Eggs! 

The biggest scam since bottled water is packaged boiled eggs. Before you get me, yes I know I just said one of my fave picks is the prepacked hard boiled egg with nuts and cheese, but that pack has a good price point! That being said, a bag of 6 hard boiled eggs for $4.50 is not a good price point, so I stay away. I grab fresh eggs and then boil them at home. It saves me money, and I like boiling eggs. I know it's a weird thing to like, but I do. 


Okay Yeah. There Is A Lot Of Cheese In This Diet. 

But is that ever a bad thing? When I first heard about this diet, cheese was the first thing that really got me interested. Mm cheese. String cheese has been my number one go to during phase one. I like to put shredded cheese on my hard boiled eggs.  I LOVE the Galbani snack cheese. It's a dream in a ball. 


Sweet Peppers: Sweet!

If I'm not tossing these in my omelette, I am dipping them in hummus! 


Thank The Heavens These Exist. 

These are the best snack for a sweet tooth like me! The sugar free fudge pops are only 40 calories! 40!

All Together, This Was $55

Affordable AND healthy! Who's with me?

100 Calorie Strawberry Mousse (SUGAR FREE!)

100 Calorie Strawberry Mousse (SUGAR FREE!)

I'm Like A Bird

I'm Like A Bird