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The Perfect Disney Themed Couples Shower

The Perfect Disney Themed Couples Shower

Last weekend, David and I were so lucky to have the most beautiful Disney themed couples shower thrown for us by his parents! Every single detail was just so adorable and I'll remember it for ever. We flew in to Orlando a few days prior and started the trip off with a family Disney day! To make things even more 'magical', my mom flew in from Colorado! My amazing friend/adopted sis Erika made us all shirts to wear that day so we could be 'those people'. I freaking loved every minute of it. Saturday was the big shower and here are some of my favorite details my future mother in law put together (She's amazing): 


Can you spot our names in the wall art? 

This was so brilliant! She made a table dedicated for a shower game to be played later in the night. Each guest wrote a list of all the Disney couples they could think of off the top of their head (no googling!) 

Aren't the ears just the perfect cherry on top? The pens were even Disney! 


Okay, there is a lot here I have to gush about. 


I'll start from the top and work to the bottom. First, the wall art is the lyrics to 'A Whole New World' held in a gorgeous mirrored frame. She had asked me a few months prior what my favorite Disney princess was. Jasmine has always been my favorite and I was amazed how she used that info! The framed picture on the table is an illustration done of David and I as Aladdin and Jasmine. I mean.. DOES IT GET ANY CUTER?! She then dedicated this table to another shower game. This one was for each guest to write down their best advice for David and I. We still have the cards and plan to hold on to them forever. Oh, and check out those dolls!! 


My sash even said 'Bride to Be' in Disney lettering

I couldn't get over every detail being planned perfectly. I had a blast wearing the sash paired with my dress I snagged from BCBG (On sale right now! Go get yourself one pronto! Link at end of post! ) 


Can we just have a moment on this cheese display? 

Gil, the caterer (and my new best friend) made the most amazing food display. If I have one regret at the shower, it's that I didn't eat enough cheese. 


That Rose.

This table was just plain adorable. She framed our engagement pictures in a gallery frame and then decorated the table Beauty and The Beast style! The single rose was just the best Disney wink and I loved it so much. And yes, I am keeping the dolls.


Mickey and Minnie Cookie Favors!

These were honestly as delicious as they are pretty! Each guest received a cookie favor before they left! 

Click the picture to snag my dress from BCBG on SALE

I'm wearing a size medium and just loved this dress. It was comfy and pretty! What more should I ever ask for? 

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